Tuesday, July 6, 2010

Tool 9

These tools really enhance collaboration and understanding.

Jing provides the real time visuals that support and clarify verbal information being shared. Classes can share stories, dramatizations, projects, etc with other classes on campus, across the district, state ... world. There could be some unique opportunities to collaborate with other PK classes in other countries.

Skype provides what Jing does with the added benefit of having the class, teacher, author, etc on screen elaborating on key points/explanations of what is being viewed. I could see teachers visiting other teacher's classrooms via Skype to get a simultaneous demonstration and explanation of items such as classroom arrangement, lesson planning/road mapping, lesson implementations, etc. Perhaps classes could network/read stories/dramatize stories/share projects with other classes on campus, across district, throughout the state ... world. For parents that have Skype: it could make parent teacher conferences more convenient; help to bring parenting sessions/trainings to parents for ease of access/participation; etc. Maybe it could help with our limited Field Investigations budget by bringing in more experiences to the classroom via Skype? (Just thinking across the keyboard...)

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