Wednesday, July 7, 2010

Post 11 Tools Reflections

I'm excited about the iTouch apps we will be discovering and using in the classrooms to reinforce and extend student learning. I think Google Docs will be very helpful for staff collaboration and organization of information. Skype can open the world for our students, parents, and us. Photo Story is an easy and fun way to share information (i.e. projects, etc.). Image generators and mash ups are really cool accessories, (i.e. Bookr is a great tool for making books and then sharing/reading them to others), that can provide beginning skill practice and repetition necessary to build fluency and comprehension.

I have so enjoyed learning volumes of new technology tools and uses. I'm excited to continue on this journey. I think technology in the classroom will support more flexible small group collaborative learning and less large group lessons. I think it offers the potential to link classrooms and cultures around the world.

I was "wow'd" by the limitless potential to create and inspire with instructional technology. I was amazed how addictive it can be. Looking forward ...

Tool 11

Here are 3 things students need to know about digital citizenship:
  • how to keep private information safe
  • how to use the tools to find, organize, and share information
  • how to problem solve, think, and analyze the information they receive.

Some of the ways these can be taught is by an ogoing combination of: demonstration and modeling; direct teaching; safety songs; learn by doing - hands on; and sharing/teaching others.

Tool 10

I had a lot of fun with the apps. I surfed the free app section and downloaded some for fun. Some were vocabulary reviews (Fruit & Nuts, Zoo Animals, What Rhymes) and others were problem solving games (Fling). I downloaded some for me too (Spanish 24/7 Tutor; UNO; Whirly Word; WordSearch). I found out that Whirly Word is very addictive for me - I love it.

We'll be having our campus training re: iTouch and Net books the morning of August 13th. So save your ideas for apps and classroom applications!

Tuesday, July 6, 2010

Tool 9

These tools really enhance collaboration and understanding.

Jing provides the real time visuals that support and clarify verbal information being shared. Classes can share stories, dramatizations, projects, etc with other classes on campus, across the district, state ... world. There could be some unique opportunities to collaborate with other PK classes in other countries.

Skype provides what Jing does with the added benefit of having the class, teacher, author, etc on screen elaborating on key points/explanations of what is being viewed. I could see teachers visiting other teacher's classrooms via Skype to get a simultaneous demonstration and explanation of items such as classroom arrangement, lesson planning/road mapping, lesson implementations, etc. Perhaps classes could network/read stories/dramatize stories/share projects with other classes on campus, across district, throughout the state ... world. For parents that have Skype: it could make parent teacher conferences more convenient; help to bring parenting sessions/trainings to parents for ease of access/participation; etc. Maybe it could help with our limited Field Investigations budget by bringing in more experiences to the classroom via Skype? (Just thinking across the keyboard...)

Tool 8

Monday, July 5, 2010

Tool 7

This was so much fun ... I've always wanted to know how to do this. I had prepared a ppt and wanted it to run like a movie with music, etc. So now it will ...

This could be a great tool to capture student learning (i.e. use flip camera to photo/video students dramatizing stories) and then turn it in to a movie or photo story they can then read on the iTouch.

Tool 6

I think one way wikis could be used by students is to continue stories. Maybe start a repeatable/predictable story that students know and then let them create other lines/pages for the story. Perhaps teams could use wikis for planning lessons and committees for planning upcoming events, etc.

Tool 5

I love being able to organize by tags favorite and frequently visited sites in one place. This will make it easier/quicker to access in the future.

I joined Diigo and found these 2 new sites:
1. National Center on Response to Intervention (
2. PreK - K ( (Note: the technology tab on the left has ideas for using flip cameras, ipods, Elmos, etc in PK)

Sunday, July 4, 2010

Tool 4

I liked Google Docs. I drafted a color coded meeting calendar for the 2010-2011 school year. We can share it with staff. Google Reader can help keep up to date with new info. Happy July 4th Everyone!

Saturday, July 3, 2010

Tool 3

Tool 2

Greetings Everyone! I'm glad we're all safe from Alex - a lot of rain ... good time to stay in and blog!

I think the PLN will add a reflective dimension to the way we share information with each other. The sans folder has been a great place to post information/strategies for networking and sharing with each other. The addition of the blog will allow anytime/anywhere access to "pick each other's brain" about implementation experiences and suggestions.

I will add these 5 to comments: Spring Daffodils, Baby Goat, Rainbow Ray, 4foru-jimr, Rainy Midnight.